Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Publikationen, die im Rahmen der Exportinitive Umweltschutz entstanden sind. 

Publikationen der GIZ GmbH

Im Rahmen der Exportinitiative Umweltschutz hat die GIZ GmbH zahlreiche Publikationen umgesetzt. Die vollständige Liste finden Sie auf der Seite des GIZ Knowledge Hub for Green Technologies.

Zu allen Publikationen der GIZ GmbH

  • Rohstoffe im Fokus – Menschenrechts- und Umweltrisiken integrativ betrachten

    Die Broschüre besteht aus insgesamt acht Steckbriefen, von denen fünf davon zu extraktiven Rohstoffen (Gold, Zinn, Holz, Bauxit, Baumwolle), zwei Steckbriefe zu den nachwachsenden Rohstoffen „Holz“ und „Baumwolle“ sowie ein Steckbrief zu den Themen „Transport und Logistik“.

  • Why are biobased and biodegradable plastic not part of the solution to reduce plastic waste?

    Disposable, single-use packaging is convenient from the perspective of consumers. This holds true, for example, for takeaway food packaging.

  • Material choices for environment-friendly packaging design

    This report is based on a literature review of several LCA studies conducted to analyze the environmental impact of different packaging materials and alternatives.

  • Industrial water compendium India & MENA

    As a part of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) GWP is preparing a compendium on industrial water in India and the MENA countries Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan.

  • Recycled content in plastic material with focus on PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP

    In an ideal circular economy, no primary resources shall enter production processes, but only recycled material. The transition towards circular economy includes the optimisation of manufacturing processes in terms of decrease of primary resource consumption shares but increase of secondary raw material shares.

  • Plastic waste for affordable building material – the silver bullet?

    Could the use of plastic as a raw material for the production of construction material, especially for low-cost housing and shelters, give plastic waste a second life? Several companies and start-ups use plastic waste as a feedstock primarily for the construction of low-cost housing.

  • Design-for-recycling (D4R) – State of play

    In an ideal circular economy, no primary resources shall enter production processes, but only recycled material. As a precondition, products must be dismantlable and components must be recyclable.

  • Considerations for packaging classification

    Globally, packaging waste has increasingly become an environmental problem. The problem is the large volume, the high resource intensity in production, the low recycling and recovery rates and the extent of litter caused by packaging.

  • Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for Packaging Waste in Egypt

    The mission assigned to the contractor, Black Forest Solutions GmbH and Landbell AG, was to develop an EPR scheme for packaging waste in Egypt, following best practices of the European Union Member States and adapting these to the local conditions of Egypt.

  • Projektbeiträge zur Erreichung der Nachhaltigkeitsziele

    Der GIZ-Bericht gibt einen Überblick über die messbaren Beiträge der geförderten Maßnahmen zu einem oder mehreren der 17 globalen Nachhaltigkeitsziele, der Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).