GreenBuzau - Circular and sustainable oriented model for the transformation of the City of Buzau with stakeholders

Grant recipient

Goduni International GmbH


  • AHK Rumania
  • City administration Buzau



12/01/2020 to 04/30/2022

Priority areas

  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable urban and regional development
  • Cross-sectional technologies
  • Water and waste water management

Funding priority

  • Capacity building
  • Pilot and model projects abroad
  • Event

Target countries


The focus of the project was the development of a model concept for green, circular and smart urban development. The project examined technical and financial feasibility, secure technology procurement, and universal and sustainable implementation, and elaborated corresponding measures in close consultation with stakeholders. The measures offer not only ecological, but especially significant economic advantages compared to previous solutions.

After a kick-off with the identification and evaluation of existing structures, processes and facilities, a life cycle approach of the relevant sectors was started. At the same time, the legal framework at national and regional level was elicited and analyzed. This resulted in the mapping and description of the actual situation, which was subsequently discussed with the Buzau city administration in workshops. In addition, measures for the selection, preparation and introduction of innovative, sustainable and interlinked system solutions were developed in the form of a target concept model. 

The concept provides for a modern and digital waste and recycling management, which could transform Buzau into a "Recycling Green City". This energy production and distribution of the city of Buzau in an economically ecological way thus also enables the electrification of public transport and MIV. Other recommendations include water treatment plants in water management and energy retrofitting of school and public buildings. The project aims for a further project phase in which the recommended measures will be implemented.


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