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Ukraine activities as part of global GIZ projects within the Export Initiative Environmental Protection

The four communities of Chornukhy, Hrebinka, Novoorzhytske and Pyriatyn in Poltava Oblast have formed a joint Waste Management Association that started work in 2023.

The Export Initiative Environmental Protection (EXI) is funding two global projects managed by partner organisation GIZ GmbH with project modules in various countries, including Ukraine. Since April 2023, the GIZ global ‘Environmental Protection Worldwide’ project has supported EXI in efforts to improve conditions for deploying innovative ‘Made in Germany’ environmental technologies. The project builds on the experience, partnerships and successful implementation of the global ‘Support for the Export Initiative Environmental Protection’ project, which ran from August 2019 to March 2023. 

Two project modules in Ukraine

Within the scope of these activities, two project modules have received support in Ukraine, with the funding volume of these activities in Ukraine amounting to around EUR 2.7 million from August 2019 to March 2025. These activities are focusing on improved waste management and the circular economy.

By achieving cross-community cooperation, the aim is to establish improved waste management, and introduce the separate collection and recycling of waste in four communities in Poltava Oblast.

Activities 2019–2023: establishing a regional waste strategy

With the support of German development cooperation, a national waste strategy for Ukraine was developed that was adopted by the Ukrainian Government and entered into force in November 2017. The main focus of this strategy was reforming municipal waste management activities and introducing regional waste management plans.

In the country module for Ukraine implemented as part of the global “Support for the Export Initiative Environmental Protection” project, the aim was to develop and implement a regional waste strategy for Poltava Oblast, one of 25 such administrative units in Central Ukraine. The work encompassed the formalisation of the cooperation between the communities, the development of a regional strategy and municipal planning, as well as awareness-raising and training activities.

Cooperation agreement for a municipal Waste Management Association

In November 2022, the four communities of Chornukhy, Hrebinka, Novoorzhytske and Pyriatyn in Poltava Oblast signed an agreement for the formation of a joint public company – Ecoservice-2022. This agreement aimed to establish an effective waste management system, introduce separate waste collection, optimise municipal spending on maintenance for the waste management system and work towards a common representation of shared interests.

Implementation milestones 2019–2023

Activities in Ukraine focus on forming cooperative partnerships, creating a regional strategy and raising awareness for environmental topics. Find out more by visiting the milestones overview for 2019 to 2023.

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Continuation of activities, April 2023 to March 2025

Despite the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, project activities continued in the global project that is scheduled to run until March 2025.

Waste Management Association starts work in 2023

Although set up a year earlier, the Ecoservice-2022 Waste Management Association finally started work in May 2023. The necessary resources, which were procured in Germany and Ukraine, and provided by GIZ on behalf of the Germany Federal Environment Ministry, included a mobile sorting plant, a waste collection vehicle, a loader, a baler and 470 containers, as well as other tools and instruments.

In the second phase of the project, the aim is to roll out separate collection systems in Poltava Oblast based on the cooperation between the four communities.