FLEXIBLE Wastewater Technology - Training and Transfer

Grant recipient

  • Inter 3 GmbH Institut für Ressourcenmanagement


Deutsch-Iranische Trainingszentrum für Wasser- und Abwassermanagement (GITC)



12/01/2020 to 12/31/2022

Priority areas

Water and waste water management

Funding priority

Pilot and model projects abroad

Target countries


The project goal was to test the possibilities and applicability of a digital learning house (LERNHAUS) for the support of international partnerships, using the example of decentralised wastewater technologies in Iran and, if successful, to extend it to other subject areas.

The digital LERNHAUS is a web-based platform used to support international development and know-how transfer with the main components 1) learning management system 2) learning content on decentralised wastewater technologies with generic decentralised wastewater treatment plants in digital form 3) communication tools for e. g. web conferences or virtual classrooms and structured storage of know-how, as well as 4) technical and administrative support. The product is intended to develop solutions for the following fundamental challenges in international cooperation: a) efficient design of cooperation and minimisation of on-site deployment of German experts b) integration of additional operational experts with low affinity for foreign assignments into the project c) intensification of cooperation by means of suitable communication technologies d) systematic provision of learning objectives, content and formats e) permanent storage and availability of knowledge and experience, especially for foreign partners affected by brain drain and thus f) de-personalisation of accumulated know-how.

This required activities which are divided into four different work packages: 1) Development of the digital LERNHAUS infrastructure 2) Development of a digital learning system with 360°/VR‑technologies for decentralised sewage treatment plants 3) Training of trainers (ToT) and testing of the digital LERNHAUS and 4) Project management and public relations.

The German-Iranian Training Centre for Water and Wastewater Management was the Iranian partner. It was founded in cooperation with Iranian ministries, authorities and research institutions as an autonomous, financially independent non-profit organisation and was officially opened in December 2018 in the presence of the Iranian Deputy Energy Minister for Human Resources and Research and representatives of the BMBF.


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